Located in choice neighborhoods, West Home curates and services suite accommodations for contemporary travelers seeking soulful stay experiences.



Partnering with west home

West Home master leases and manages multiple units or entire floors of apartment buildings as serviced travel suites. We are committed to enhancing cultural and economic value through our strategic partnerships with investors, developers and community members in select markets across the US.


concept and Location

Our fully equipped and curated spaces serve to integrate seamlessly as homes for long or short stays, enabling connected experiences that reflect the vibrancy of each neighborhood and empower travelers to engage as an informed (and well-rested) transient community members. 

Who We Are

Our team represents diverse backgrounds in finance, property management, hospitality, design, development, and urban planning. Our collective experience and concept create a unique and compelling partnership opportunity.


By ensuring a successful and positive outcome for our community of travelers, neighbors, and partners, West Home is redefining the standard for serviced travel residences while enhancing the cultural and social capital of the neighborhoods in which we operate. 




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